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Posted by on Nov 29, 2013 in Non Fiction | 0 comments

Dandelions for Dinner – Sam & Peter Stamatis

Dandelions for Dinner – Sam & Peter Stamatis


“Dandelions for Dinner:Greece at War and a Family’s Dreams of America” By Sam and Peter Stamatis 

What happens to a family already on the brink of disaster when the world around them crumbles? Dandelions for Dinner presents a memoir set in the sleepy town of Gargaliani, Greece, spanning the last quarter of the nineteenth century through the Greek Civil War of the 1940s. Told through the eyes of a thirteen- year- old boy, it is an epic tale of youth, family, poverty, war, and unjust loss. It is also an uplifting story of how in the midst of calamity, survival is possible by using your head, taking your hits, and maintaining an undying faith.

Though it is the tale of a family that is by all standards poor, Dandelions for Dinner demonstrates just how rich the poor can be when they have hope, faith, and love for one another-when they maintain the lessons of their parents and forefathers, nurture a love of education, and never let up on their hope for freedom. This memoir is, above all, a story about the importance of America-not only for those who live there, but also for all those who reside in the dark corners of faraway lands and dream of a better life. Over the course of their life together, any family will most assuredly experience both want and plenty, suffering and joy. Dandelions for Dinner is the surprising story of what remains when everything else is lost.

 Dandelions for Dinner:Greece at War and a Family's Dreams of America" By Sam and Peter Stamatis 

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